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Tobacco Processing
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How is the tobacco processing process?

Here we describe briefly

Tobacco Processing



The first process after picking the tobacco leaves is tying them. Tobacco leaves are arranged by stacking the leaves individually and then tied with a raffia rope in the middle.

Tobacco Processing



Curing is done by stacking the leaves in the ripening area. The curing or ngimbu are arranged in one row or just one layer so that the tobacco is not damaged by being crushed. Generally the fastest ripening only takes 2 to 3 days after which the sorting process is carried out.

Tobacco Processing



Sorting is the activity of separating or sorting. In tobacco sorting, the leaves are separated by color, namely between yellow-orange (more granny side), lemon yellow (less slick), light yellow (slick), and blackish brown (trash). This sorting is commonly referred to as minal.

Tobacco Processing



Tobacco cultivators usually already have electric or gasoline-powered chopping machines, because now using manual chopping tools is rarely done. The chopped leaves are yellow-brown leaves. The fineness of the chop depends on the manufacturer’s request. The chopped pieces are arranged evenly on the widig (woven from bamboo measuring 2.4 x 1.1m).

Tobacco Processing



After the chopped tobacco has been arranged on the widig, the drying process is carried out in an open place exposed to the sun. In order for the drying results to be even, it is necessary to reverse the widig in the middle of the day. The drying time depends on the strength of the sun’s rays. If the weather on one day is hot, then the chopped will dry perfectly.

Tobacco Processing



The tobacco that will be wrapped should not be too dry. After being allowed to limp enough, the tobacco is then carefully rolled up. Tobacco is usually wrapped in a basket made of woven bamboo with a banana frond as a cover. One basket After all the processes have been carried out, the tobacco will be sent to partner factories.