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Supplier of Tobacco & Taro Leaves

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About Us
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PT. Indonesia Success Golden

Supplier of Tobacco & Taro Leaves

PT. Indonesia Success Golden is a company engaged in the production and supply of chopped tobacco which has its own warehouse and operates in Pamekasan, Madura, East Java, Indonesia.

PT. Indonesia Success Golden has more than 16 years of experience as a supplier of tobacco to major cigarette factories throughout Indonesia. We consistently improve the production and quality of tobacco from our farmers.

Not only actively playing an important role in supplying the raw material needs for the manufacture of cigarettes for large factories, we are also active in playing a direct role in selecting superior seeds, soil treatment processes, fertilizing, harvesting techniques, slicing techniques, and storing chopped tobacco so that it becomes TSG (tobacco Ready to Used) is good and right so as to create good quality tobacco according to the needs of consumers and the market.

Through the experience and all the capacities that PT. Indonesia Golden’s success in reaching a wider market share to start committing to not only being a regular partner and supplier of large factories in the country. but also started to market our shots in european, middle east, asia, and worldwide market.


Becoming one of the international large-scale chopped tobacco producers, which has the best achievements in every transaction activity and is committed to always providing customer satisfaction, creating cooperation with trusted business people and cigarette factories.


Providing customers with the best service and quality satisfaction in accordance with customer requests, and always providing excellent service and understanding the needs of traditional farmers in order to improve quality and quality. Being a company that gives pride to the employees who work, where they grow and become professionals who are experts in their fields.